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  • We recommend that you keep the jewellery in dedicated boxes (either those provided by Serenity, as appropriate, depending on the product category, or any other jewellery boxes);
  • Handling and use of jewellery must be done carefully, without roughing them in full, or only partially, of the locks, etc;
  • For cleaning jewellery, we recommend you to use special solutions, as well as soft cloths;
  • Avoid wearing jewellery during showers, sleeping, performing physical activities, so as not to wear out the surface of the jewellery and lose its shine;
  • To reduce the loss of shine of precious metal jewellery, avoid contact with various substances, such as: perfume, skin cream, any cosmetic product (acetone, fixative, etc.), saltwater, chlorine pool water;
  • Substances that contain sulphur, chlorine, which are frequently used in a household, for cleaning, and not only, should not come in contact with precious metal jewellery; in addition, chemicals can affect products by erosion;
  • The degree of loss of the shine of the jewellery can be influenced even by the skin of the holder; all the jewels of precious metals, which Serenity sells, are covered in rhodium, rhodium that within 6-12 months can be worn, influencing the shine of the jewels;
  • Jewellery made of precious metals such as gold and silver, are subject to chemical reactions, including by simple contact with the air, especially if they are not worn; the reaction from simple contact with air influence their appearance, especially by blackening, even if the finished product is covered with rhodium, as it is the case of Serenity Bijoux products;
  • Precious metals oxidize depending on the pH of the wearer skin, especially the silver, respectively, the higher the pH of the skin, the more the chemical reaction is faster and more visible;
  • The strings, an integral part of the jewellery marketed by Serenity, are durable, but they can lose their colour over time as a result of wearing them; we can change them for free, but the related transport costs will be borne by the client;